Ikwezi Vanadium Pty Limited

2021/6/24 10:01:40

We at Ikwezi Vanadium Pty Limtied, are part of the Oza Holdings Group www.ozaholdings.com. The group is involved in the Mining and Manufacturing sectors with assets covering coal mining, VTM Vanadium titanomagnetite ore mining and cement manufacturing.

We own and operate a VTM Vanadium titanomagnetite ore mine in South Africa. Our mine is located in the Western Bushveld Complex of South Africa near the town of Northam. We have reserves of 50 million tons of high V2O5 grade VTM ore. At present we are producing lumpy ore of 0-40mm and in future 2022 shall also produce concentrate ore. We are producing upto 100 000 tons per month.

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Ikwezi Vanadium Pty Limited


Building 5 Thornhill Business Park, 94 Bekker Street,Vorna Valley Midrand 1686, Johannesburg

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