Mohan Steels Ltd.

2015/1/4 14:43:57

Mohan Steels Limited (An ISO 9001-2008 Company) A mini steel mill in North India, we manufacture long products such as Wire Rod and TMT Re-Bars. With a 40 ton/hr reheating furnace, inline digitally driven multi-row bearing stands, turboQuench TMT line , and a lab with a Jarrel Ash Spectrometer for analysis and testing to produce to international quality specifications in grades Fe 500/Fe 500D as well as Fe550/Fe550D.

Merchant Trading Division

Since the financial year 2010-11, the Company has started a Merchant Trading Division, which deals in a plethora of commodities/items in bulk. These items pertain to Agro Produce like Sugar, Soyabeans, Mealpellets, Maize, Crude De-gummed Soyabean Oil, VHP Raw Cane Sugar etc. Computer & Computer Allied products such as Peripherals & Accessories, Pure Sine Wave UPS for server etc. Minerals & Metals like Iron Ore, Steel Billets, TMT Rebars, Coal, etc.

Our Export Sales has increased from USD 269 million in year ended March 2012 to USD 587 million in year ended March 2013.

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Mohan Steels Ltd.


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